Mama Kisses is an Australian family business. We embrace a gender-neutral approach for our collection of baby gifts and essentials by handpicking beautiful products that are unisex, gentle, natural and organic where possible.

Our philosophy is Well life isn't black and white, so babies shouldn't be just pink and blue! We stock a wide range of exquisite unisex baby swaddles & wraps, baby blankets, bedding, milestone cards and eco-friendly organic baby apparel.

Take a look at our store to discover the perfect baby gift.


We are a husband and wife duo with two little fun-loving and curious girls calling the shots in the background.

Like many parents, we didn’t find out the gender of our first child before of life’s biggest surprises! This meant it was more difficult to prepare for our newborn to come and meant gifting a challenge for our friends and family. The choices were limited if you weren’t going for pink and blue, and most options were either some shade of yellow or cartoonish designs with basic primary colours.

With that in mind and a strong belief that girls and boys shouldn’t be predetermined to be playing with dolls or cars, we created Mama Kisses. Our baby boutique store is filled with beautiful gender-neutral designs that are gentle for the little ones and accessible for parents. We handpick and curate our product range with products we would be more than happy to use with our own children.

Hope you love our store. And please reach out if you have any feedback or questions!

Veronica (Mama) xx