Babies & Toddlers Activities Resource List

Dear Parents, 

We know many of you are struggling with Work-From-Home requirements and home-schooling or having young toddlers in the house.

Weekdays and Weekends are blurring together and everyone is going a little mad staying indoors. So I have put together this resource list from some of the best blogs around with endless activities and entertaining ideas for your little ones. 

 Mama Kisses Mama 's Tips

Starting with my favourite list on the top!

115 Fun Activities to do at home with kids by North Shore Mums 

40 + Activities For Two-Year-Olds by Mom Junction

75 Ideas For Family Fun during a Lock Down By Newy With Kids

Indoor Acitivities for Toddlers by The Lean Green Beans

20 Backyard Activities by Six Clever Sisters

The Big Headed Bilby - Turn Your Craft into an Animated Movie with Big W 

Frozen Paint by Busy Toddler 

Splatter Painting by A Crafty Living

Mama's Tips - Outdoor play in Lock Down

Outdoor Activities by Messy Little Monster

Sensory Bins Ideas by Good House Keeping

21 Simple Lockdown Toddler Activities by Lyndsay Joanne 

35 Easy Indoor Acitivity Calendar by Busy Toddlers 

18 Free Cool Features to add to your backyard playground by Happy Hooligans