Wise Words from Top 10 Aussie Mums to Follow

Every mum has a different story to tell, while some tells it with filters, others tells it more truthfully, candidly, or even raw. We have put together our Top 10 Aussie mums to watch and follow, from a Mum of 10 to first time mum and everything in between.

We hope this article will give new mums a wide perspective of what motherhood is really like together with some wise words and tips to take away.

Mum to a beautiful 4yr old girl who has the purest little soul. Liz is also looking forward to watching her little girl become a big sister & for her husband & her to venture into the world of having a boy!
Her Tips for New Mum is 
“Don’t be afraid to say no to visitors. 

Say yes when it works for YOU!” And her 1 recommended product for an expected mum is don’t forget your Lip balm! “My lips got crazy dry during labour”. 


My Tribe of 10





Kylie, a mum to 10 wonderful kids! When asked what is one item that is a must have for any new mum, Kylie said

“My 1 item I would choose would be a blanket that lasts from newborn right through to toddler years and possibly beyond! It seems to have been a go to for all my kids and all of them still have their blankets (half of them still use it)”. 


A mother of 3…and at one point 3 under 3!!! Her one tip for new mums is “Do what is right for you and try not to focus on what everyone else is doing”.
Her recommended product to have for a new mum is a breathing monitor for baby sleep time, she uses an Angel Care one. Sadly, one of her family member has lost a baby to SIDS. If you want more information about SIDS, here is a link to VIC Health with some details. 

Marcia Leone the mama behind Not So Mumsy shared in her recent post it’s ok to not be ok. This is such an important message for mums who often feels the weight of the world on their shoulder.

She talked openly about having a panic attack, and that living with COVID-19 has not been easy. Her advice which I think all mum should hear is that 

“If you’ve had a shit day, please feel free to talk about it” 

lady lettuce farm wife@ladylettuce_farmwife
Mum of 2 future farmers, 2 very busy boys! Bianca shares life behind farming on her blog and is always up for a good laugh. Her tip for any new mum would be to NOT compare your child to others. “They are all different and do things at different times!” Items she can’t live without for her baby is a bouncer and a pram with good storage space.
“Being a Mum you have to go with the flow but must be organised to make things run smoothly. As long as my kids are happy and healthy I feel like I’m winning at the Mum thing!! Everybody’s family dynamic is different so do what works for you!” says lady of the lettuce.
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First time mum to a beautiful baby girl Vala Jade, Amy has found that the one thing she appreciate more than ever with a newborn is the baby carrier. Her husband and she has one each and it works for so many reasons. Bub feels secure, happy and often falls asleep in there and we’re able to get things done (yay!)
Besides the baby carrier, Amy also recommends a lounger that sits in a bassinet, design to replicate the feeling of being in the womb. This has helped bub get to sleep and remain asleep.

Mum to 2 under 2 at one point. A lover for DIY projects, Hacks and Kmart has this advice for expected mums; “Enjoy the newborn phase. It’s hard to know and understand if you are a first time mum that when they are a newborn they are actually really easy to handle by comparison to a toddler! In hindsight I wish I was more relaxed and enjoyed it more (especially before they can move!)”
1 item she would recommend for new mum is invest in beautiful muslin wrap that would look great on the baby, but also on the mum.

A mama who has always wanted to be a mum (since 13!). When she was pregnant she kept the baby sex a surprise until birth was over joyed to find out it was a girl, a mini me. She took motherhood like a duck takes to water. Her number one advice would be To Be Yourself. Live for the moment and go with your gut.
Jemma suggested to bring your own pillow to the hospital for birth as a little something for comfort. And don’t over buy clothes but definitely buy a first home outfit.

amy gerard@amy.gerard
Columnist for The Latch, Mum to 3 kids under 4 shares details of her chaotic day-in-the life. Amy is light-hearted while painting a real picture of what motherhood is like. She doesn’t sugar coat it with comments like
 ”Serve dinner. No one eats it. Go back outside for another “F*CK” scream”.
Or “Chase kids around the house disguising your rage with light-hearted humour and turn it into a game.” which no doubt resonate with so many parents. Follow Amy for more real but fun stories.
A Melbourne mum of 3 working in the corporate health tech space who is always looking for things to make life easier. “If it cuts half the time of what it normally take than I am SOLD!”
Tamara have these wise words to say to a new mum, “Remember every stage is a stage and it’s only temporary. Some days may be harder than others, but it will get better.”
Two useful item she’d like to recommend is a BabyDink carrier, a “life saver” she says, and she also loves the Baby Bjorn bouncer. Her little girl is 7 months now and still loves it.
Follow Tamara @thecareermumchronicles for feel-good posts. “I also love to talk about aspirations and encouraging women especially mums to always take that next step. If you ever want to chat I’m all ears!”
And that wraps up our pick of the Top 10 Australian Mummy Bloggers! And we will end this with "You do you!". 
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