Which Swaddle to Buy?

Alright Ladies (and Gents!), if you are a new or expected parent you maybe wondering which swaddle to buy? 

Firstly if you don't know what is a swaddle, head over to my earlier post for more details on what does swaddle mean

Now which swaddle to buy you ask? Let us help you break down the differences of options out there:

1. Muslin Wrap

Muslin Wrap with fringe

Muslin Wraps, typically made with 100% cotton or sometimes with bamboo is probably the most common option you see around. It comes in a large variety of prints and it is multi-purpose (use for swaddling, a pram cover, a light blanket etc). 

Muslin Wraps should be made of a thin gauze like fabric, it is soft and most importantly breathable. But it is not stretchable, 

2. Jersey Wrap

Jersey Wrap Snuggle Hunny Kids

Jersey Wraps are similar to muslin wraps but it is made with jersey cotton, a lightly more dense fabric and it is stretchable. Some people prefer jersey wraps for swaddling because of this stretch quality, making it easier to wrap baby snuggly. Click here for more info on how to swaddle. 


3. Swaddle Sack with a Zip

Swaddle with Zip

Some parents prefer a zip up swaddle sack comparing to the traditional way of swaddling as it is just easier to do up. However, with zip ups the baby has more room to wriggle, it is usually less snuggly so possibly less effective than a traditional swaddling method. 

4. Love To Dream Swaddles

Unlike traditional swaddles or the waddle sacks which keep a baby's arms by their side or across their chest, Love To Dream designs allows the baby's arm to stay up and your baby can bring their hands to their mouth for self soothing. While some people love this design, some experts disagrees with the arms up swaddling method.

So Which Swaddle Should I Get?

Buy 2. 

My personal preference after having 2 child, is that I like the traditional muslin wrap for newborns, you are able to wrap them up tightly which is the whole point of swaddling - to mimic the environment of the womb. And then I quite like the Love To Dream swaddles or swaddle sacks once the baby is a bit older.

So I would recommend getting a combination of both! As I do love muslin wraps for other purposes even after I have transitioned my baby onto love to dream swaddles. I would always have 1 or 2 wraps in my bag and use it as blankets in layers or as a pram cover or even tie it up in a knot for baby to cuddle. 

I hope this helped.
Veronica (mama) at 
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