Which Baby Size do I Buy?

Baby and Toddler Dress Size Explained

It’s ok to be confused about baby dress sizes… we all were before becoming parents. So here is a simple guide to explain how many ZEROs you should be buying for your bub or what size to get for gifts.

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00000 is for a small newborn, typically for preemie babies. As a new parent, I bought 2 of these when I was pregnant .. because I was paranoid what if baby arrives early and what are they going to wear? I would not recommend this unless you are paranoid like me. I think if you really have a preemie baby, a family member can easily duck out to the shops to buy it.

0000 is for a newborn. Size 0000 can be too small for some larger babies or it last only for a few weeks. For me, this was the perfect size for my newborn who was an average size baby and it was suitable for about a month.

000 is for 0 – 3m. This is the most common size for a baby to wear in their early stages. If you are buying gifts for a newborn, I would suggest buying at least a size 000 and above. Anything smaller may never be worn by the child.

00 is for 3 – 6m. This is a popular size to buy for gifts and while it says is suitable for 3 to 6 months, it all really depends on how big your baby is. I know babies that are in this size from like 1 month old, while my first born was wearing size 00 until she was about 9 months old.

0 is for 6m – 12m. If you have read the above, this is self-explanatory, size 0 is for 6months to 12months old. Depending on the size of the child, I know many child move to a size 1 from about 9 or 10 months.

1 is for a 1 year old as a guide. But from size 1 onwards, is just 1 size for the child’s whole year of life… needless to say some may need to move onto size 2 sooner than others.

2 is for a 2 year old.

3 is for a 3 year old.


Don’t know what size to buy as a gift?

Here is my general rule when it comes to baby gifting sizes.

Newborn: If you are visiting a newborn, get size 000 or 00.
A few months old: Get size 0 

If you really don’t know what size to buy, my suggestion is to buy something else other than clothes! We best-seller is Muslin Wraps which can be used for swaddling babies (which helps make them feel safe and snug), and it easily doubles up as a nursing cover, pram cover, light blanket, something to wipe the baby spew when you can’t get your hands on anything else!

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I hope this has helped! Happy Baby Gifting/Shopping!