What is Organic Natural Colour Cotton?

Not all cotton is the same.

Today we will look at 3 types of cotton.

1. The good guys - Organic Natural Colour Cotton (ONCC) grows in three naturally occurring colours, so it doesn’t need bleaching, dying or chemicals added to make the fabric colourfast. 

2. The typically organic grown cotton, which are better for the environment comparing to commercial cotton, but it still needs to be stabilised and made colourfast using bleach and other chemicals even when they use plant-based dyes.

3. Commercially made cotton in garments are subjected to a laundry list of chemicals and – quite literally – swimming pools of water used in production. 

So what does this tell us about Organic Natural Colour Cotton?

Organic Natural Colour Cotton

In conclusion, ONCC uses significantly less water and is 100% chemical Free. It is also naturally super soft and absorbent, more so than commercial cotton. If you are looking for Organic Natural Colour Cotton Baby clothing you can find it at Mama Kisses Baby Boutique