What is Swaddling?

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Swaddling is a commonly known method of wrapping your baby in a specific way to mimic what it would have felt in the womb. 

Swaddling can help to comfort babies that are unsettled as it recreates a sense of security for them. Try and imagine how tightly squished your baby was in the womb for 9 months before coming into the world. By swaddling it recreates a safe and snug place for your baby. 

What Swaddle to use? 

Mama Kisses - What Swaddle to Use - Muslin Wraps

The most common swaddle I would say are muslin wraps. Muslin Wrap is a plain loosely woven cotton fabric and a common choice for a swaddle. It is sometimes called a muslin wrap or muslin swaddle. It is soft to touch and importantly, it is breathable.

When used as a swaddle, muslin wrap is gauze-like and ultra-lightweight and usually consists of 1 layer. You may see in some of our product descriptions a reference to 2 or more muslin layers which means the more layers the thinker the product. Multi-layered muslin blankets or towels are fluffy and soft. 

Here is an example of a range of muslin wraps.

When to swaddle?

You want to swaddle young babies to mimic that snuggly safe space they had in the womb, so typically you would swaddle a newborn baby until roughly 4 months (sometimes younger or slightly older)

When not to swaddle?

Stop swaddling your baby if they show signs of rolling.

What If my baby dislike being swaddled?

Most babies will wriggle their little hands out of a swaddle at some point which is not necessarily a sign that they dislike it.

It’s important to understand that in the first few months your baby is still discovering and understanding their own bodies. Babies can often startle themselves when they move / flap their hands and arms around which can literally wake them up! Which is why swaddling helps.

Having said that, a mum knows their baby best and if you think your baby doesn’t like being swaddled, you can put your baby in a sleeping bag as an alternative. Here are some examples of organic cotton sleeping bags.  

I hope this post has answered some of your questions! 

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