Hello Mama to be!

I'd like to share with you the ultimate hospital bag check list with items that are less spoken about... 

I am grateful that my friends told me about these before I went into labour with my first today I'd like to share these things with you. 

Your Ultimate Maternity Hospital Bag Check List

SCROLL DOWN for the full check list... but here are some key items that you might not have thought of:

  • Flushable Wet Wipes. Ouch Ouch Ouch! Sooo you've ended up with stitches down there... and let's just say getting dry toilet paper stuck in your bits is no fun at all! So by using flushable wet wipes, it was a LIFE SAVER! Have these handy in your bag
  • Nipple Gel Pads. You've never heard of these.. which I didn't either untill I had cracked nipples after just 3 days!!! Another Ouch Ouch Ouch situation. Get these in advance and use it to cool and heal your nipples BEFORE they crack. My friends and I find these a lot more effective than nipple cream. My midwife also recommended using Nipple Gel Pads. 
  • Snacks. A lot of it. I know you are focusing on the Birth part, but chances are you are going to be in the birthing unit for a while before actually pushing, AND you are also going to be resting in the hospital at least for a day or 2 before release. Instead of waiting for your love ones to deliver a treat, or being surprised with hospital food... I highly recommend just bringing lots of your favourite snacks! 
  • Baby Blanket or Muslin Wraps. If you are in Australia, you may noticed that all your friend's baby announcement photo consist of baby wrapped in a pale pink and blue blanket that is provided by the hospital... it's ok to wrap your baby in something else! Especially for your photo opportunity!! Bring something nice for that special announcement. 


Mama Kisses Hospital Check List