Muslin Wrap vs Jersey Wrap

What is the difference between Muslin Wrap and Jersey Wrap? 

This is a question I asked when I was a new mum myself "Should I buy Muslin or Jersey Wrap?" along with hundreds of other questions about swaddling

What is Muslin Wrap

Muslin Wrap is a gauze like thin layer of material typically made with 100% cotton. It is now also common to see muslin wrap made with bamboo as an option. The way the fabric is weaved together means it is not stretchable. 

What is Jersey Wrap

What is Jersey Wrap

Jersey Wrap is made with Jersey Cotton. Jersey is a knitting technique that allows the fabric to be stretchable. 

So what's the practical difference between muslin and jersey wrap?

Personally, my husband and I prefers jersey wraps because it is stretchable which makes swaddling easier especially when we were new parents. However, Iove how lightweight and super thin muslin wraps are, and I love using it as a blanket in hot weather or as a pram cover. 

Want to know more? There are also other swaddling options, see my earlier blog on which swaddle to buy for more details.