How to dress your baby in spring?

Here is a quick guide for Parents on how to dress you baby in Spring (Australia). 

As we step into September the weather is a little unpredictable with one day at 27 and another at 14 degrees. So here is the number 1 tip:

1. Layer Up!

  • Start with a shortsleeve onesie or romper
  • Leggings/pants
  • Longsleeve top
  • Light Jacket 
  • (If you have a newborn, you might just want to layer with muslin wraps and blankets ontop of the onsie. 

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Mama Kisses how to dress your baby Spring


 2. Cover the toes

  • We loose heat through through our hands and feet! It's best to just pop a pair of socks on your baby even though they might not be walking yet. 

3. Cover their head

  • We also loose heat through our heads, and typically your baby don't have much hair yet to keep them warm so it makes sense to keep their head covered. But it's important that you choose cotton or bamboo headwear - so that it is breathable and stays 'cool'. You don't want your baby to over heat. We recommend these cute and light options in our accessories range. 

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4. Break The Wind. 

  • If your baby is moving and they are not just sitting inside the pram/basinnet proteced from the wind.. then you want something that will protect them from the wind. 

5. Embrace Spring with Colours! 

  • While we like to keep things simple at Mama Kisses and avoid loud bold colours or pinks and blues. We strongly suggest that you bring colour into spring and step away from the greys of winter!

Mama Kisses How to dress your baby in Spring

Golden Rule: 

As a guide, dress your baby in the same number of layers you’re wearing, plus one extra layer for warmth.

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