DIY Newborn Baby Photoshoot Part 1

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Capture your baby before they grow!

You hear it all the time from parents of older children "Treasure them when they are young as they just grow up so fast!" And that is why we have put together this blog post to help you capture those moments

Not everyone is great with photography, and not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer. So we hope you will find the below tips and ideas helpful with whatever photography skill set you may have. 

PART ONE: Colour Inspirations & Ideas

Let's start with some inspiration! 

1. Keeping it monochrome. Many people aren't great with knowing what colours to match with what so here is an example of a basic grey and white pallet photo. Is effective and your baby stand out. And I honestly think babies look best in white as it just shows how pure they are! 

DIY Newborn Photoshoot Ideas - Mama Kisses 
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2. Make it Black and White. Similar to the above idea, sometimes if you don't know what colour looks good together than take your photos in Black and White. It almost always look classy. 
Black and White DIY Baby Photography Ideas | Mama Kisses  
DIY Newborn Baby Photoshoot Ideas and Tips - Mama Kisses

 3. Keep it white. The colour white typically symbolises purity and there is nothing more pure than babies! And really - you can't go wrong with white. 

DIY Newborn Photoshoot Ideas - Mama KissesImage Features Boho Style Muslin Wrap with fringe - white

4. Keep the colour pallet simple. Choose just 1 hero colour for a simple look. The easiest way is to choose a nice muslin wrap and swaddle your baby in that 1 colour and place baby on your bed with also a single colour bedsheet. Here are some pictures for inspiration. 

DIY Newborn Photoshoot Ideas - Mama KissesImage features Boho Style Muslin Wrap with fringe - Beige 

DIY Baby / Newborn Photoshoot  Ideas - Mama Kisses
Image Features Organic Olive Muslin Wrap

5. Choose one hero piece that is patterned as a wrap. We absolutely love this rainbow organic muslin wrap as it is joyful, playful but subtle. Suitable for boys and girls and perfect for creating memorable photos. 

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