DIY Baby Photoshoot Part 2

Today we are going to discuss the concept of layering your photo compositions. Starting with the concept of layering and then we will look at a bunch of examples for inspiration. 


When composing photoshoots, it's important to think about the foreground, middle ground and background. This is a general photography composition technique which can be really useful when it comes to your own DIY Baby Photos.

Having layers, helps to give a photo depth. If you can keep in mind while you are creating your DIY baby photoshoot to have at least 3 layers to your pictures it can really help make your photos more professional. 


So Foreground is what's closest to you in the photo, so that might be the baby as the object in focus at the front, or it might be a prop like a milestone or name plaque or a toy. 


Typically Middle-Ground is where your Baby is positioned. Obviously you want to make sure your baby is in focus whehter they are in the foreground or middle ground. 


This is obviously what's in the back. You would want something consistent in the back, so maybe hardfloor, blankets, bedsheets, coloured or patterned muslin wraps are all good options.


Adding different textures to the different layers works really well in baby photos So it might be handy to have a fluffy blanket in the background against your baby's smooth skin. or we often see images of baby wrapped and placed in a ratten bassinet, and once again the ratten bassinet gives that texture to make the photo interesting. 


So Let's take a look at a few examples to see how you can do this yourself at home. 

We'll start with this example from @kaylah.leigh This is a clear 3 layer image, with a beautiful Wild Fern print muslin wrap stretch out as a patterend background. Followed by the baby in a plain white romper in he middle, and a matching milestone card in the front as foreground. Simple and effective, everyone can do this. 


 This is again a similar approach, but they added more layers to the background and lots of texture! So underneath the muslin wrap is a textured blanket and a plush bassinet cover on a ratten bassinet.  Adding textured blanket to the background of your pictures is a great tool to make your photos look interesting and lush. 

This is sooo sweet isn't? But the composition/set up is quite simple with the twins with a muslin wrap in the foreground. A textured fluffy blanket in the middle followed by a smooth timber in the background. The result is stunning. 


 Here is another example with a very similar approach. Baby in the foreground (this time just in nappy and a headband), fluffy blanket in the middle and a blain muslin or bedsheet at the back. 

Here is a less layer-obvoius example. The Hello Announcment card is at the front, with baby and wrap in the middle followed by a plain bedsheet. This could have been a very borin picture with its simple colour pallet, but the texture on the muslin wrap's fridnge makes it visually interesting. 

Another combination of textured here in this example, where Baby is in foreground, ratten bassinet in the middle and a fluffy blanket in the back. 

And lastly this is a simple and classic arrangement - toy in the front, baby in the middle and something textured in the back. 

I hope these examples have been helpful in giving you inspiration and ideas of how to do your own DIY Baby Photoshoot. Stay tune for Part 3 for even more great DIY Photo tips! 

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