Your Comprehensive New Mum Resource List

Far too often I see expected mums focusing on the pregnancy and haven't thought past the birth itself. 

And once they have a baby - they are simply too tired to research and read, OR they become obsessed with seeking information and advice from every source.. either way is daunting. 

So that's why we have put together your New Mum Resource List! So you can access credible information all from one page. 

Baby Sleep Help

1. Tresillian This is my favourite free resource especially if you are Australian. Is a trusted resource from Tresillian Nurses. With loads of articles and information on their website. There is a Helpline you can call to ask all sorts of questions. I have used it myself many time. 

And for families in NSW, Tresillian provides hands on help where you can bring your baby to a Tresillian facility for day services or overnight stays where you get hands on help and it is covered by Medicare/Health Funds

2. Raisingchildren is another trusted free Australian resource. Lots of useful information covering all topics of parenting. The advices are quite general and is a good place to start if you need some advice

  • Link to newborn info: 

Here is one of their useful video: 

3. Save Our Sleep OK, once you have a baby, you may hear/read about SOS... and that mums are either in the SOS camp or not. Save Our Sleep is a book by Tissie Hall who has very specific instructions of how to train your baby to sleep and is very routine driven.

It is not for every mum, as some mothers find comforts in a step by step approach, whereas other mums find it daunting and actually makes them feel like a bad mum as their baby isn't doing what the book says it will. 

Personally I liked the book but I also didn't let it stress me out when it didn't work out. I used it more as a guide. 

4. The Little Ones Village This is a Sleep Program that you can purchase on top of some free sleep advice articles on their website. The Sleep Program is an App that allows you to ask questions from an expert team as well as chat to other mums who is on the same journey as you (it's devided to newborn, 3-6months etc). 

I have used this before and found the support network quite gold. The sleep advice is more gentle than the Save Our Sleep style in my opinion and I think is a good moderate approach to routines and slee training. 

5. Overcome Frequent Waking So...soon you will hear the term "Sleep Training" which some parents will say is a must, and others will say thats the worse thing you can do! It really is very personal which way you go. But for those looking for a GENTLE sleep method. Here is a good resource. Overcome Frequent Waking is an online book and it also have a private facebookgroup that you can join and share experiences with others and best of all, access the author, Heidi directly. 

The method here is gentle but the effectiveness I would ay requires patience and precision! Which I was not good at haha but you can read the reviews yourself and it has worked for plenty of other people. 

6. Nuture Parenting Karen from Nuture Parenting provides a suites of services, from online program to Home Visits. Now with home visits it is no doubt an expensive exercise, but their sleep over home visits do, do wonders if you can afford it. 

There are also free advice on their site as well as regular Facebook Live session with Karen where you can ask questions. 

Breast Feeding Help

1. Before you leave the hospital ask to see a lactaction nurse! This isn't an online resource but nothing beats getting an expert see first hand what's going on! 

The difference between baby latching properly or baby with a tongue tie affects whether baby is getting fed! And if baby isn't latched on properly, they might still get milk out but your nipples will be sore and cracked etc. Go see the expert before you leave hospital. 

2. Australian Breastfeeding Association Their website has excellent information and resources which you should definitely check out including a LiveChat function which is super handy. 

3. KellyMom. This site has a range of articles and information on all parenting topics. But in particular it has a wide range of info on Breastfeeding. 

Baby Routine

1. The Baby Sleep Site This is my FAVOURITE Baby Schedule site with examples of baby and toddler routines and suggestions of how much food a baby should be eating. Here is an example of a 5 month old Schedule: 

6:30 – Wake and Breast milk or Formula
7:15 – Solids (if your pediatrician has recommended starting this early)
8:00 – Morning Nap (at least 1 hour)
9:00 – Breast milk or Formula
11:00 – Nap (often 45-60 minutes at this age)
12:00 – Breast milk or Formula
1:30 – Breast milk or Formula
2:00 – Nap
4:00 – Breast milk or Formula
5:00 – Catnap (30+ minutes)
6:30 – Begin bedtime routine
6:45 – Breast milk or Formula and Bedtime
7:00 – Goal to be asleep


1. Pregnancy, Birth and Baby provides support on all sorts of topics from birth to 5 years old. I find the Feeding Your Baby articles quite informative and comprehensive. Check out their Introducing Solid Food page with link below: 

2. Annabel Karmel This is a beautiful website filled with hundreds of colourful recipes suitable for your baby and toddlers. It has Free Reciepes as well as a membership club with more exlusive items. 

3. Feeding Littles is a paid course on feeding your children. But besides the pay stuff, there is also a great FREE lunch and FREE Dinner Kit. It is also worth following their Instagram which gives you plenty of inspiration and ideas

4. My Hungry Toddler I know while you are a new mum, you are taking just 1 day at a time and that a TODDLER seems like its a long long away. But your little baby is going to turn into a toddler in the blink of an eye! And this is a great Instagram account to follow with lots of Healthy Recipe, ideas and suggestions to deal with picky eaters. 


And if you can't find what you are looking for with the above links, check out some of these other great sites 

I hope you have found the above useful! Whether you love it or hate it please let us know! Simply email us at mama[at]mamakisses[dot]com[dot]au or tell us via social @mamakissesau

Much Love
Veronica (mama) at Mama Kisses Baby Boutique