Top 10 Gender Neutral Baby Gifts 2021

Many parents are now opting for a gender neutral approach when it comes to dressing their babies or decorating their nursery. And that's why we have prepared the top 10 unisex baby gift ideas to suit every budget!

1. Muslin Wraps (Swaddles) 


While muslin wraps come in all sorts of colours and patterns, we recommend choosing one that is more sophisticated in design with fine details like a fringe edge that will suit the modern-day mum and dad.

Muslin wraps can be used for many purposes so they make an excellent gift and having at least 2 of these comes in very handy so you don't have to fear about doubling up on this gift. 

  • Use for swaddling newborns to make them feel safe and snug
  • Add layers for warmth or easily take off layer when is hot
  • Can be used as a light blanket
  • Use as a pram cover to shield from sun or when they are sleeping
  • Use as a nursing cover for breast-feeding mums 

Click here for a selection of muslin wraps that we love.

2. Baby Carrier

Baby Carriers comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and a wide price range. While it can be very personal, we do love and recommend something like a BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Air. They are just so handy to have! and unlike a fabric wrap, these are easy to put on, secure, goes well with both men and women. 

Check out the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier range that our family used and recommends.

3. Crochet Rattle

An oldie but a goodie! Rattles can be economical, aesthetically beautiful and useful which is why they make such great gifts. They are good for when a baby is teething, or for baby to practice their first grip. Here are some examples of stylish wooden rattles and teethers options. 

4. Cot or Bassinet Fitted Sheets

You know that feeling of sleeping on clean sheets? How nice is that? Well give your baby the gift of comfort and sleep! 

Go a step up and give organic sheets to show that only the best will do for the little bundle of joy! Here is our pick on the best organic bamboo bassinet sheets, its ideal for those with eczema and other skin allergies. 

5. Milestone Cards

Give the gift of the perfect 'instamoment' by giving announcement cards to your friends and family. They will love you for it! Here is a set that we like. 


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6. Blankets

The thought of a soft and luscious blanket against a newborn baby’s skin is divine. There are many options out there, but we believe in choosing one that is 100% cotton and in neutral colour is the way to go in 2020. 

It’s important to choose natural materials like cotton or bamboo because they are breathable for the baby. This is our pick for a luxurious diamond knit blanket by Snuggle Hunny Kids

 7. Organic & Eco Friendly Baby Clothes


Show them that you care! And nothing says that more than giving organic baby clothes. While there are many organic baby clothing options, I'd like to introduce you to Organic Natural Coloured Cotton (ONCC) materials. 

This has been around for many years, but relatively new in Australia. It is super soft to touch, it is Eco-friendly, 100% chemical free, dye free and bleach free. Perfect for baby and mother earth. Check out these award winning Eco-friendly Organic Cotton Baby Clothes here. 

8. Baby Nest 

baby nest

This is often not listed as an essential item for parents and that is why it is such a great idea as a gift. It is a very useful product and new parents will thank you for getting this for them! A baby nest is great for: 

  • newborn awake times 
  • nap time
  • being portable, allowing baby to be in the same room as mum and dad easily

Check out this baby nest we like



9. Bouncer

Bouncers are no-doubt a great gift, although it is tricky to navigate around all the options that are available and to choose one that is suitable. 

But here is our pick... we have seen it first hand how much our baby loved it. The 4moms Mamaroo mimics the movement of how a real parent would move to settle their baby with 25 different speed and movement combinations to suit any baby. 


10. Books - the ones that are actually educational

kids books

If you want to go down the path of giving something educational, here are our top 3 picks of books that we recommend after lots of research and seeing how well our babies have interacted with them first hand. 

  • 'Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?' by Bill Martin, Jr.
  • ''Dance' by Van Fleet
  • 'llama llama Red Pajama' by Anna Dewdney


And that's it folks! Happy gifting! 

Mama at Mama Kisses