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Here is our pick of the top 5 multi-purpose baby products of 2020.

Pram/Stroller that grows with your family

Choosing the right pram or stroller can be daunting. Our advice is to consider one that is adaptable to your baby’s growth as well as to your family’s growth. 

Our recommended choice is Uppababy Vista. Speaking from personal experience, we have had this for 3.5 years and it has served us very well for our 2 young children. Here are some of its key benefits.

  • It comes with Bassinet (suitable for newborn) and baby seat 
  • Bassinet is suitable for overnight sleeping (not just naps) with stand attachment
  • Compatible to baby capsules for car rides
  • Many seating configurations, forward facing, reversible, upright or recline
  • Additional seat attachment available for baby #2
  • Large storage area on the bottom...great for the shopping
  • Ride-along board attachment available for toddler to stand 
  • Can handle up to 3 young children with the full configuration

    This pram offers many other features than those mentioned above, but the key reason why we love this is that it is adaptable. Click here to find out more.

    Please note we are not affiliated with Uppababy and we are speaking from our personal view and experience with our little family. 

    Muslin Wraps for swaddling, covering & nursing


    Muslin wraps are extremely useful and handy to have as they serve many purposes. A muslin wrap is a piece of light and breathable fabric - make sure it is made of natural material like cotton or bamboo. The reason every parent should have several of these is because they are good for: 

    • swaddling newborns to make them feel safe and snug
    • adding layers for warmth or easily take off layer when is hot
    • using as a light blanket - which will be used well into their toddler years
    • using as a pram cover to shield from the sun or when they are sleeping
    • a nursing cover for breast-feeding mums 

    See here our favourite muslin wrap with a stylish fringe edge. 

    Baby Nest 

    Baby Nest - Mama Kisses

    We totally have FOMO over the fact that we didn’t have one of these for our babies! Only in recent months did we discover these from recommendations by others. A baby nest is great for: 

    • Newborn awake time
    • Napping
    • When baby is learning to sit up as it provides a bit of soft landing if they fall backwards
    • Is easily portable
    • Allows baby to be moved around the house to be in the same room as you

    Check here for one soft and breathable baby nest we suggest. 

    An adjustable high chair - for life


    So there are many high chair options out on the market, but our favourite one, which again is speaking from personal experience, is the Tripp Trapp Chair by Stokke. 

    The reason why this is on our list is that it has a unique design which allows it to grow with your child for years. Most high chairs will only serve your child for the first 2 years or so, but the Tripp Trapp chair is able to transform and support a baby to a fully grown adult. 

    • It comes with adjustable seat height and footplate height 
    • Solid construction to hold up to 110kg for adults 
    • Stable, ergonomic 
    • Fits right up to your dining table 
    • Newborn set attachment available in a reclined position

    Click here for more info on the Tripp Trapp Chair. Please note we are not affiliated with Stokke. 

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    Cocoon Swaddles to Sleeping Bags

    We love these easy to use zip-up swaddles. 

    • Can be used for swaddling babies to feel safe
    • Converts from swaddle (arms in) to sleeping bags (arms out) 
    • Making it versatile depending if your child is rolling yet
    • No additional blankets needed for complicated wrapping
    • Available in 0.2Tog, 1.0 Tog and 2.5 Tog to suit different temperatures

    See these swaddle options here.

    And that's our top multi-purpose baby buys! 

    Mama at Mama Kisses